Long time no see...

Hi dear friends!
I've got such a crazy (and productive) time lately! I shooted (let me check my records) 16 more shoots since one that I was writing about in my previous post... Missed the blog and the possibility to share with you the stories about my work and my awesome clients. 
To be honest, I had a doubt if someone is even reading these? Until I got an email from a guy (already future client) few days ago, where he said, that he was impressed by my vision and the feedback from my clients; and the blog made him even more confident in my work style and my attitude. It was something really pleasant to read... And I hope that there're more of those, who read this blog, but just don't comment :)

I have more amazing things to share with you! 
Few days ago my beloved husband (and videographer with 15 years experience) Andrew has finally moved to United States (NYC), so now we're getting ready to continue our family #DOROSHLAND photo and VIDEO production. We already got some awesome ideas to prepare for launching soon. 

And also... I'm soo-soooo thirsty for creating some editorial shoots! I would embrace any possibility to organize something "out of the box" with the other artistic minds! The only thing that is slowing me down - is the lack of time! But I promised myself not to accept any excuses regarding my professional self-development and not to waste a possible moment of highest inspiration (that I'm getting when I shoot some scene/look/idea that I perfectly love).
So... Please, don't hesitate getting back to me, if you'd like to work on TFP-basis! 

P.S. Here's my and my husband on the pictures. The photos were made in Ukraine. Many thank to:
Photographer: Alexey Teksomolika
Decorator: Lana Karpovych
MUA: Mariana Budna
Oh, and also, we've been on the location at 6 am. (Woke up around 4:30 am)

So, YES - Beauty knows no pain!